Handmade Felt Green Mix Ball Rug

Typical handmade by Nepalese women. All custom colors and sizes will be created.We use 100% sheep wool imported from New Zealand.

Felt ball carpet basically designed for the room of home.It can be used as a carpet on the floor.It makes warmth feeling of those everyday moment. Specially,we can use for the child's room and courage them to do creative work.Most of the time they spend on the floor by laying down,sitting,playing so,this carpets may be very helpful to them to do their works in a interesting way.It looks very trendy and attractive.

This Ball Rug has a combination of royal blue,emerald blue,parrot green,green,off black and white colors.Each and every balls are felted by hand and very gently stitched together.All our rugs are very durable and can be used on both side.These felt ball rugs can be made up on any sizes of our customers wants.

Ball Size : 2.2 mm

Rug Size : 90 cm

Weight : 4 kg after packed
Order will be shipped within a 5 days after confirmed order.

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